Tory Manifesto

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“Constitutional plumbing” to stop judges getting involved in political decisions?

3 min read
The government manifesto on changing the reach of courts is in the press again. But some things seem off, so here are some clarifications.

Three reasons why Boris Johnson’s promise to revitalise the north could come back to haunt him.

5 min read
When you look at what the PM is up against, the Brexit trade negotiations might almost seem like light relief.

If we cannot trust them on the NHS, why should we trust them on anything else?

4 min read
The Conservatives have pumped out lots of misleading information about their pledges for the NHS. It is time to collect it all in one place.

I’m a climate change scientist and I’m campaigning for Labour this election.

4 min read
Here’s a rare chance to lever serious resources to transform society.

We interviewed more than 200 people about the NHS – They’re angry at politicians, worried about its future.

4 min read
The Labour Party has to convince voters in the north of England that privatisation is not the solution to NHS woes.

The (not so) strange death of European policy, Part II

4 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood coding manifestos to gauge the exposure of party programmes to the EU.

The parties’ competing visions for Britain’s place in the world.

4 min read
What the UK’s main political parties have pledged on foreign policy in their manifestos.
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