Tory Manifesto

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The parties’ competing visions for Britain’s place in the world.

4 min read
What the UK’s main political parties have pledged on foreign policy in their manifestos.

Tory and Labour cultural policies leave arts organisations squeezed.

4 min read
While both parties are championing the arts and culture sector, after years of swingeing cuts these promises dazzle but offer little hope to struggling institutions.

A choice between low-tax, individualism or generous state with unknown price tag.

4 min read
The Conservative Party’s manifesto presents a modest £2.9 billion spending increase compared to Labour’s £82.9 billion spending programme. What does that mean for households?

Conservative plan for the NHS – Does it add up?

4 min read
Promises in the Tory manifesto on the NHS fall well short of what is needed.
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