Trade War

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Brexit could spell the end of globalization, and the global prosperity that came with it.

4 min read
Brexit represented British voters’ desire to reclaim more control over their economic future, but some worry the cost will be some of the prosperity gained from globalization.

The guts of an Apple iPhone show exactly what Trump gets wrong about trade.

6 min read
Trump believes the money Americans spend on Chinese imports like the iPhone goes straight into China’s pockets. In reality, China gets very little value from it.

The age of trade blocs? No, probably just Trump-blocks.

4 min read
For as long as Donald Trump is in office, the modern trading system will be strained, but do the United States really want the world to deal in trading blocs? Rashmee Roshan Lall asks.

What China wants — Three things motivating China’s position in trade negotiations with the US.

5 min read
US-China relations are fast deteriorating, leading to fears that a ‘cold war’ may be brewing. A China expert explains what’s motivating its behavior.

America is in a trade war and even with no bombs it’s brewing up!

7 min read
When Americans think of war, the Iraq weapons of mass destruction war, Afghanistan, Syria, and the war against ISIS all come to mind. But there is another war that has started and is brewing up, a silent one that doesn’t involve shooting people or dropping bombs.

Trump’s trade dogs of war.

6 min read
Trump lets slip, then pulls back, the trade dogs of war. Whatever next?

Trade war salvos have ominous implications.

6 min read
Looking at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Boao Forum speech, what America really wants, and why it is not a good time for China to get into a trade war (if ever). Still time to defuse this spat, but few reasons today for optimism.
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