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Turkey’s invasion of Syria a stark warning of how irrelevant NATO could become.

5 min read
Why NATO has lost its leverage to do anything about Turkey’s offensive in northern Syria.

Is it OK to say, ‘thank God for Russia’?

4 min read
Longer-term, Russia’s return to relevance on the world stage will create other testing issues.

Donald Trump and the loss of American credibility.

4 min read
America may be morally bankrupt after decades of overdrafts, but Greg Camp hopes that once Trump has gone the US can be treated like many a banking institution as too big to fail.

Neither stable nor a genius.

4 min read
Trump’s foreign policy is failing all around the world as he ignores counsel from his Cabinet and public servants who gather information so decisions in foreign policy can be considered carefully, B. Jay Cooper writes.

Brexit, the new McCarthyism.

3 min read
Nigel Farage absolutely supports the idea that all UK civil service and military personnel who don’t believe in Brexit should face the sack.

The rise of Eurasia: Geopolitical advantages and historic pitfalls.

6 min read
Asian players are proving to be conceptually and bureaucratically better positioned in the 21st century’s Great Game that involves tectonic geopolitical shifts with the emergence of what former Portuguese Europe minister Bruno Macaes terms the fusion of Europe and Asia into a “supercontinent.”

Turkey plays Khashoggi crisis to its geopolitical advantage.

6 min read
What Turkey could get out of allowing Saudi Arabia to find a “way out” in the Khashoggi case.
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