TV Debates

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There’s the war of attrition... but don’t forget the Big War.

3 min read
The Democrats had a very lively almost entertaining debate last night with plenty of sub-plots. Still, it wasn’t hard to determine the candidate who stood out: Donald Trump.

Laurence Fox: Thanks for the chance to talk about the inequality that is rife in the UK’s entertainment industry.

4 min read
Race, gender and social class still play a massive part in deciding who gets ahead in film, TV and radio.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn’s final election debate: Academic experts on their claims.

5 min read
Fact-checking the party leaders as they clashed over Brexit, Northern Ireland and the NHS.

The non-debate of the non-leaders.

9 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on last week’s Brexit developments through the lens of the Corbyn-Johnson TV debate, and the awful truth that we did actually hear all they have to say about Brexit.

Target(s) in sight.

7 min read
Who is targeting what voters in the upcoming general election (and does any of this really matter anymore?).

I watched Johnson and Corbyn debate with 100 undecided voters – Here’s how they reacted.

3 min read
Both party leaders seem to elicit stronger negative responses than positive.

UK Election Debate: What academic experts make of Johnson and Corbyn’s claims.

6 min read
Academic experts get behind the soundbites and campaign claims.
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