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#Tweetspotting: When a perfectly reasonable question deserves a perfectly reasonable answer...

2 min read
Mr MT posted a question relating to the Immigration Bill to Robin Millar MP. Unfortunately, the Conservative MP has recently blocked his constituent on Twitter and, therefore, cannot read the question.

#Tweetspotting: PPE finally arriving! (... NOT!)

2 min read
Words spoken in daily briefings must become actions. Tweets on social media must become truth. Promises must become a reality.

#Tweetspotting: We NEED testing for NHS staff, now!

1 min read
Difficult to understand why Prince Charles or Boris Johnson get tested for Coronavirus when NHS staff, who risk their lives every day treating patients, can’t and instead end up having to self-isolate alike Lucy Williamson’s boyfriend, thus wasting some precious time to save more lives.

#Tweetspotting: Has the penny dropped yet?

1 min read
Priti Patel caught by FT columnist David Allen Green trying to take credit for the government’s draconian measures during the coronavirus pandemic. Measures that have absolutely NOTHING to do with her. Has the penny dropped yet?

#Tweetspotting: MP tells constituent to “get a life!”

2 min read
MHugues tweeted a question to his MP in Mid Derbyshire, Conservative MP Pauline Latham to know whether she thought a £94-a-week statutory sick pay was enough to live on. Her reply is simply appalling, and shameful coming from a Member of Parliament.

#Tweetspotting: Proud of your blue passport?

1 min read
Two brilliant tweets today by Professor Brian Cox and writer Julian Shea about the new British blue passport and the benefits that come with it thanks to Brexit. Spoiler: none — it actually removes one’s right to be mobile in the European Union.

#Tweetspotting: UK Government’s masterclass on how to play Brexit.

1 min read
This old tweet by Thomas Cogley probably describes best what Britain’s Brexit bargaining position has always been depending on...
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