UK Constitution

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Boris Johnson in hospital: What this means for governance of the UK.

3 min read
The UK doesn’t have a set back-up plan when a prime minister is unwell, but there are clear procedures in place.

Boris Johnson is planning radical changes to the UK constitution – Here are the ones you need to know about.

5 min read
A large majority gives the prime minister freedom to dramatically alter the machinary of the nation.

Is Boris Johnson’s prorogation legal? Why Scottish and English judges don’t agree – and why it matters.

4 min read
The UK Supreme Court’s decision will have profound implications for how and why a prime minister can suspend parliament.

Is Boris Johnson’s parliamentary prorogation constitutional? How to understand the UK system.

3 min read
The UK does not have a written constitution, so how can we tell if the government is right or wrong on this point?

Could Boris Johnson really force through a no-deal Brexit in the middle of an election? A constitutional lawyer weighs in.

4 min read
If MPs aren’t sitting in parliament to block no-deal Brexit, can it go ahead anyway?
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