UK Elections

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Why media education in schools needs to be about much more than ‘fake news’.

4 min read
Only 2% of children have the skills needed to identify a credible news story.

Dirty tricks wrong-footing a media that now faces a fight to remain relevant.

7 min read
The cynicism of political lies and the fear of losing control by opening up the corridors of power can’t last.

Electoral Commission responds to Thursday’s EU citizens disenfranchisement.

3 min read
Following our reporting of today’s situation with EU citizens being denied their votes in polling stations, we have contacted the Electoral Commission and asked them some questions.

Local elections — What results mean for municipalities in crisis.

4 min read
Do the local election results reflect local realities?

What impact did the Brexit impasse have on the Local Elections?

10 min read
Analysis of the Local Elections results by Sir John Curtice. On the possible lessons for how voters have reacted electorally to the Brexit impasse and the differences between the results in strongly Leave and strongly Remain-voting areas.

A re-fresher in registering university students.

2 min read
Because of their high mobility, students are one of the most difficult groups to get registered to vote. The Electoral Commission tries to challenge that with a number of solutions available to engage students.
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