UK-EU Relationship

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Brexit – The ludicrous proposition.

3 min read
We have long since passed the point where Brexiters show that they cannot answer these vital questions seriously.

Overpromising was always at the heart of Brexit.

4 min read
At the moment, the Brexiter and Government rhetoric insists that β€˜sovereignty’ and β€˜unfettered trade’ are mutually compatible goals. Overpromising was always at the heart of Brexit. Soon it is going to hurt.

Brexit – Ideological hatred of the EU and cakeism.

5 min read
David Henig on absolutely key points many people still don’t understand and the Brexit β€œsovereignty myth”.

Another day, another deadline.

2 min read
Any possibility of concluding even a partial ratification between the UK and the EU before the end of the year is looking vanishingly small, according to Professor Simon Usherwood.

Why the UK should stop talking tough on a no-deal Brexit.

5 min read
The big losers from a no-deal Brexit scenario would not be the countries of the European Union. The EU is the UK’s biggest trading partner, both in terms of value and volume.

What does a Biden administration mean for Brexit Britain?

4 min read
Dr Holger Hestermeyer’s optimistic assessment of the Brexit situation now that Joe Biden has won the US Election.

Gaps to a new deal.

4 min read
Some thoughts about what happens if there is a EU-UK deal but it is not ratified by 31 December. Spoiler: Best to avoid that situation!
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