UK General Election

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SNP landslide: Boris Johnson needs smarter response than refusing Scotland an independence vote.

5 min read
Independence support in Scotland is now at critical levels. The ball is in the UK prime minister’s court.

End of austerity? Don’t believe Conservative claims so quickly.

4 min read
Before we declare the end of austerity, it is important to explore what exactly austerity was – and remind ourselves of the terrible toll it has had on many people’s lives.

The terms of the third Brexit extension explained.

4 min read
With a further extension the EU hopes to facilitate the ratification of the withdrawal agreement and thus ensure an orderly Brexit.

General Election is on — How it happened and what to expect now.

4 min read
This election is a big gamble for everyone involved. Anything short of a Tory majority could see the opposition parties band together to frustrate the Conservatives and perhaps even form a coalition.

Open Letter to the Lib Dems — Don’t rule out any form of post-election coalition.

2 min read
The Liberal Democrats have a long-standing reputation as the adults in the room. Don’t lose it now.

Do or die, come what may, we are NOT leaving on 31 October.

6 min read
They told you it would definitely happen using every media you can think of. But in today’s unpredictable politics there is one thing you can be sure of: Do or die, come what may, we are NOT leaving on 31 October.

These are the pros and cons of every Brexit option left on the table.

5 min read
There are five possible options left for the UK, but which is the most likely to work?
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