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Autumn budget 2021: Experts react.

14 min read
Sunak talked about a new age of optimism, but it doesn’t feel like that for many people.

The NHS is in trouble. It needs our help and support now.

3 min read
Time to make some noise. The NHS and healthcare staff need our help and we must all fight for them. Demand your right to have your money spent directly to secure access to basic healthcare.

Is Boris Johnson facing his own ‘winter of discontent’? What the polls tell us.

5 min read
At first glance, the polls suggest the government isn’t feeling the pressure. But there’s another way to look at the situation.

Brexit fears started hitting UK trade as early as 2015.

5 min read
Any notion that trade only started being affected on January 1 2021 is completely wrong.

A road safety approach to COVID mitigation.

10 min read
A new model to solve the conflict between avoiding the coronavirus and avoiding social isolation is to look at what we do with our roadways, equally fundamental to our social lives, and that not long ago used to be intolerably dangerous.

“We have fundamentally failed to control transmission.” – Experts.

9 min read
Experts and health professionals on daily COVID cases and deaths being at their highest for months and what to do about it, the delays in the rollout of the 12-15 vaccination programme, and why the UK Government is not acting as COVID rising cases prompt calls for action now.

Coronavirus emergency powers: Parliament must not waste its third and final chance to review them.

4 min read
MPs should resist attempts to accumulate further executive power, and ensure the government respects parliament’s role at the heart of the UK’s constitution.
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