UK Housing

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Stories from lockdown: Interviews show how poor housing quality made life even more tough.

4 min read
People told us about leaking roofs and guttering, and about how water coming into their housing had caused internal damage, damp and mould.

Time to ditch Dominic Cummingsโ€™ technocratic, mechanical vision of government.

5 min read
Politics cannot be separated from emotion, as the past few months have clearly shown.

Fact-checking our โ€œovercrowdedโ€ island.

2 min read
A brilliant refutation of the uninformed โ€œThere are too many people in this country alreadyโ€ narrative with basic facts, by Dan Sohege.

Is โ€˜build build buildโ€™ really the best way forward for Englandโ€™s planning system?

5 min read
The current focus on number of homes built ignores other issues of social and environmental justice.
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