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The case for a strong selfless parliamentary system.

9 min read
Now is the chance for MPs to show what a strong, selfless Parliamentary Democracy can do and restore the people’s trust in politics in a post-Truth, post-Brexit, and post-Covid world.

The Week in Tory.

6 min read
When the UK Government’s level of incompetence and arrogance reaches epic proportions before our very eyes.

Why it’s so difficult to make the call to close parliament during Covid-19.

5 min read
Should parliament close because it is important or stay open because it is important?

Not questioning Number 10’s coronavirus plan is a direct legacy of Brexit.

4 min read
On why Number 10’s science must be thoroughly scrutinised, questioned, checked, and tested before it becomes official, and why without an open and transparent debate, the government is demanding blind faith from an entire nation.

Government ignores serious concerns about EU citizens’ Settlement Scheme, trivialises them and obfuscates instead.

3 min read
The power balance in Parliament has shifted after the General Election. Laws impacting EU citizens can now be passed with little scrutiny and unamended.

We shall be watching like hawks.

3 min read
The General Election was a can kicking exercise. Let’s see where we are this time next year. In the meantime, we shall be holding Boris Johnson’s government to account every step of the way.

And yet...

2 min read
If we step back from the day-to-day maelstrom of it all, we do see that the UK is slowly progressing through the steps of Brexit.
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