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Cuts to UK foreign aid budget are shortsighted and could damage British interests.

5 min read
Overseas aid doesnโ€™t just help developing countries, Britain also benefits hugely. If you wish to punch above your weight you need to have something to help you land the punch.

Brexit, beached.

13 min read
With Trump and Cummings going the Brexit project is beached on the mudflaps of history, and with its deepest flaws about โ€˜independenceโ€™ ever clearer Boris Johnson can no longer duck the choice of purism or pragmatism, writes Professor Chris Grey.

US left isolated at UN after bid to reimpose sanctions on Iran โ€“ Why did it even try?

5 min read
The US bid to impose so-called โ€˜snapbackโ€™ sanctions on Iran was roundly rejected by the UN security council.

#BuildBackBetter โ€” Whatโ€™s behind Number 10โ€™s latest slogan?

4 min read
Why the government should now stop with the slogans altogether and stop acting like they are constantly campaigning, and simply get on with the job instead.

Donald Trumpโ€™s America is trying to gaslight the world โ€” without much success.

2 min read
In a recent vote at the United Nations the US was revealed as isolated, unpopular, and plain wrong about its โ€œmaximum pressureโ€ strategy.

Srebrenica, 25 years later: Lessons from the massacre that ended the Bosnian conflict and unmasked a genocide.

5 min read
In July 1995, Serb forces murdered at least 7,000 Bosnian Muslims โ€“ an act so heinous it forced the US and UN to intervene in Bosniaโ€™s war. What has the world learned since then about ethnic violence?

Greta Thunberg is right to be deeply disappointed but for the wrong reasons.

3 min read
It may not so much be the world leaders who are to blame for climate change inaction as the people they represent.
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