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Why haven’t the Tories suffered a backlash for austerity?

5 min read
The idea that funding cuts were inevitable and necessary is pervasive.

Did a delayed second dose give the Delta variant an evolutionary helping hand?

5 min read
Why it is important to pay attention to evolutionary theory when considering population health.

Today in Covid – UK Covid-19 Data, 12 June 2021.

8 min read
The roadmap has taken us too far in the wrong direction. Time to pause and maybe return to previous steps before the Delta-driven third wave imposes another strict lockdown upon us.

Why are British sausages being blocked from entry into Northern Ireland?

5 min read
Tensions over a possible ‘sausage war’ between the UK and EU are brewing. How will leaders solve this Brexit-imposed trade dispute?

Health experts react to Matt Hancock’s evidence to MPs on COVID-19: A re-write of history.

6 min read
As Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave evidence to two House of Commons committees as part of their joint inquiry on the government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis, what do health experts and professionals make of his many claims that the government made no mistakes during the pandemic?

Today in Covid – UK Covid-19 Data, 11 June 2021.

8 min read
The roadmap has gone too far. Every day we continue on this route wastes another vital opportunity to prevent further transmission of the virus, further increases in hospitalisations, and worse.

Will the government act quickly enough to protect the most vulnerable from the third wave of COVID-19?

3 min read
The populations most at risk of severe COVID-19, older and vaccinated early, may need to receive a booster jab earlier than expected because their protection is waning significantly against vaccine-resistant Delta variant.
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