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Nurses report PTSD symptoms due to the pandemic.

4 min read
Nurses are not heroes – they are technically expert professional carers with unique skills. And they are struggling. They need more than applause this time around.

Brexit trade problems: What’s gone wrong and can it be fixed?

5 min read
Queues at borders, suspended deliveries, empty shelves: the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement is not quite what it seemed in the brochure.

We have failed as a country.

3 min read
On what is right and wrong and what we have failed. And why, as we are being failed by the government, this is where we as individuals need to stand together now.

UK COVID-19 Data: 16 January 2021.

3 min read
The latest Covid-19 UK data underlines the massive pressure being managed by the NHS – with new admissions to hospital, those already in hospital, and those requiring intensive care all at the highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic, Dr Joe Pajak writes.

Open Letter to the Prime Minister β€” Feed the children.

3 min read
Statement on the Government withdrawal of half term food support for children.

Scotland is ready to run the May elections, despite the pandemic.

5 min read
There is talk of delay, but the Scottish parliament has been working since last year to make sure this vote can be held safely.

UK COVID-19 Data: 15 January 2021.

3 min read
As the world marks 2 million coronavirus deaths, the latest UK data report 1.09 million new cases and a further 17,046 deaths in the UK since Boxing Day, and sadly another 1,280 deaths in the last 24 hours, Dr Joe Pajak writes.
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