Ursula von der Leyen

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An air of unreality.

9 min read
Professor Chris Greyโ€™s Brexit analysis on why speculation about the negotiations is pointless, some speculation about the negotiations, and Britainโ€™s apparently complacent drift to the unknown but rapidly approaching post-transition future.

Breaking the law over Brexit: How the UK is playing dirty in EU talks.

5 min read
The UK should be playing a key role in multilateral institutions confronting existential challenges for humanity, but instead it is pitching towards break up, disharmony, bitterness and isolation.

The โ€˜first safe countryโ€™ myth.

5 min read
With protests taking place against asylum seekers, and being the eternal optimist that I am, letโ€™s try and fully address this whole thing about โ€œfirst safe countryโ€ and why it has no basis in either law or reality, along with a couple of other things.

Die-cast Britain.

3 min read
As in previous moments, the government seems more willing to concede ground to the EU than its rhetoric might suggest.

Coronavirus โ€” What is the European Union doing to manage the crisis?

5 min read
EU leaders cannot agree on how to deploy financial aid to economies in crisis.

Hungary is now an autocracy without adjectives.

3 min read
An interesting thread by Garvan Walshe on why Hungary enacting its Enabling Act during the coronavirus crisis is a serious miscalculation by the countryโ€™s Prime Minister Viktor Orbรกn.

A new dawn for Europe.

3 min read
โ€œWe have a common vision of where we want to go and a commitment to be ambitious on the defining issues of our times. But we know we can only do it together,โ€ the three EU Institution Presidents Charles Michel, David Sassoli and Ursula von der Leyen write.
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