US Elections

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Pro-Trump rioters storm U.S. Capitol as his election tantrum leads to violence.

5 min read
As Donald Trump continued to stoke his base with false allegations of a ‘rigged’ election, violence at the U.S. Capitol shows America has devolved into a fragile state.

Should ‘one person, one vote’ be real?

8 min read
Should the United States get rid of the Electoral College and make one person one vote real in America? No, Isaac Newton Farris Jr. argues.

Will Tulsi Gabbard win the 2020 nomination? Not likely.

6 min read
Gabbard’s supporters tout her as progressive and a breath of fresh air; however, her overtures with Assad, position on refugees and her mixed messages on foreign policy leave much to be desired.

Midterms 2018. What do progressives do from here?

4 min read
As I expected, after the midterm elections, we have a Democratic House, a Republican Senate, and an occupant of the White House who believes that it was all about him.

Cartoon — Midterms voting assistance.

1 min read
According to our editorial cartoonist FM Hansen, Trump does not have a long history of voting, so he needs all the help he can get in the Midterm elections...

The polls are history, last chance to vote.

4 min read
Polls are great fun but they are only good for the time they were taken. They won’t tell us what’s going to happen tomorrow, but they can show trends.

The midterm elections will determine life or death.

7 min read
Two weeks ago a reality check occurred, one that reminded us that the midterm elections have life and death consequences.
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