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US left isolated at UN after bid to reimpose sanctions on Iran – Why did it even try?

5 min read
The US bid to impose so-called ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran was roundly rejected by the UN security council.

Donald Trump’s America is trying to gaslight the world — without much success.

2 min read
In a recent vote at the United Nations the US was revealed as isolated, unpopular, and plain wrong about its “maximum pressure” strategy.

Attack on Saudi oil facility reminds us of the distorting effect of the Middle East on American politics.

5 min read
It is becoming increasingly apparent that Trump will start a war in 2020 as his first term season finale, Greg Camp writes.

You can’t spell “believer” without “lie” — A look at why Trump lies so much.

8 min read
Part 42 in a series of essays on game theory and politics, this on Trump’s lies.

No one wants to go to war with Iran. We’re going anyway.

7 min read
A little tale about dinner in Abilene and the Trump Administration’s Iran policy.
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