US Military

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Why soldiers can’t claim conscientious objection if ordered to suppress protests.

4 min read
The US military can exempt from service those who are religiously or morally opposed to violence. But conscientious objector status won’t help soldiers who disagree with specific lawful orders.

Trump treats the military as his own – and the troops could suffer.

5 min read
If President Donald Trump were to start a conflict, many Americans would likely view as it a misguided effort. What would that mean for the troops?

Trump is circling his tanks.

4 min read
Normal politicians build their base. Trump is methodically building his own personal army.

He was presidential, for twenty minutes.

3 min read
While he didn’t do his typical off the cuff speech about how great he thinks he is, Trump turned the Fourth of July into his own celebration of our country’s military might, B. Jay Cooper writes.
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