Voter Registration

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We must all unite and reject the liars for our future as a country.

4 min read
We must take responsibility for our destiny, because it is us who are ultimately responsible for the direction we now take.

Five reasons to vote in this election.

5 min read
Every vote counts in one way or another, even if you live in a safe seat – here’s why.

What party manifestos say about EU citizens’ rights.

3 min read
the3million will continue to hold all political parties to their promises to protect EU citizens’ rights regardless of the Brexit outcome.

Nearly 1.5 million young people have registered to vote for election 2019 – and more could join them.

5 min read
The deadline to register to vote in the 2019 election is November 26. It is easy and important.

Network Vote: A new campaign for new voters.

3 min read
A new voting campaign has launched to help marginalised and new voters to the polling stations, and to get out the vote on December 12.
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