Voter Turnout

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Trump vs Biden — The final stats.

3 min read
This year’s battleground States, the rise of early voting, and the final poll of polls of the 2020 US Election.

Trump can’t delay the election, but he can try to delegitimise it.

5 min read
The president has already refused to guarantee he will accept the result of the November election, and there are many other ways he can undermine it in the minds of the voting public.

With Harris pick, Biden reaches out to young Black Americans.

4 min read
By picking Kamala Harris, a Black running mate, Biden may have brought younger Black Americans, who now comprise a critical set of swing voters, over to his side.

How important is turnout in a UK election? The recent actions of the parties give you a good idea.

4 min read
Britain is once again going to the polls and encouraging people to vote may be as important as asking them to vote for a particular party.
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