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Are voters prejudiced against ethnic minority candidates?

4 min read
We asked participants to choose between white and ethnic minority candidates — the results were telling.

Young people can change the General Election – Here’s how to get your friends to vote.

4 min read
Young people have registered to vote in record numbers. Here are three things every young person can do to change the election.

How important is turnout in a UK election? The recent actions of the parties give you a good idea.

4 min read
Britain is once again going to the polls and encouraging people to vote may be as important as asking them to vote for a particular party.

2019 election polls: How to understand a confusing picture in the last days of the campaign.

4 min read
Tactical voting and shifting party allegiances mean the final week could change everything.

What do we know about voters who say ‘don’t know’ in election polls?

4 min read
Ever wondered why there are always so many people in the undecided column in an election poll?

Do politicians break their promises once in government? What the evidence says.

4 min read
Research from around the world shows that UK leaders are actually better at putting their pledges into action when they win office than voters think.

Hundreds of thousands of people could be in the wrong place when it’s time to vote.

4 min read
Many people move house every year – and few of them inform the electoral register.
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