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Spot the next Brexit in just 10 minutes.

1 min read
If you have a spare ten minutes today, watch this brilliant video by Femi Oluwole on how Boris Johnson, a well-known lying journalist turned politician, used lies, misinformation, and all the tricks in the book to tell one thing and its contrary about what the Brexit Deal means for the UK.

During the second lockdown, Germany wants its citizens to be as lazy as can be.

2 min read
Germany launched a brilliant Covid-19 public health ad campaign with funny videos that calls on the public to be ‘heroes’ by staying home, doing nothing, and being as lazy as they really can, to fight the spread of the virus.

The real score behind asylum law and policy.

1 min read
A brilliant, concise, and informative video on the complex topic of why people are risking their lives in small boats to reach the UK.

#Videospotting: Thank goodness for celebrities and their lockdown spirit... or not!

1 min read
In her latest video posted on Twitter a few days ago, Greta Lee Jackson thanks those celebrities who have been taking to social media to post videos during the coronavirus lockdown for everything they have been doing for us, and for cheering us up... they are the real heroes! (sic)

#Videospotting: You clap for me now.

1 min read
A poem to remind us all that the large majority of ‘key workers’ are from Black and Minority Ethnic families. It is read out line-by-line by first, second and third-generation immigrants including doctors, nurses, teachers, shopkeepers, dentists, social workers, delivery drivers, broadcasters...

#Videospotting: Priti Patel and the imaginary number.

1 min read
Quite ironic that Priti Patel, who absolutely failed to properly quote the number of tests done so far by the government, later told journalists she was “sorry if people feel there have been failings.

#Videospotting: A vital breathing technique for coronavirus sufferers.

1 min read
Watch Dr Sarfaraz Munshi describing a vital breathing technique for coronavirus sufferers. The technique that relieves respiratory symptoms could prevent patients from contracting secondary pneumonia which could prove incredibly dangerous to their health.
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