Will of The People

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Expertise and policy.

3 min read
To Professor Simon Usherwood, coronavirus is almost the perfect antithesis of Brexit.

A Rubicon crossed.

5 min read
Labour MPs seeking a cross-party Brexit Deal will be disappointed. Boris’ antics make it unlikely one will be found. Johnson and the Brexiters haven’t just crossed a line in the sand, they’ve spat in the face of those who drew it.

I voted Leave, then I figured out that Brexiters’ were talking BS.

5 min read
I voted Leave in 2016. I decided to become a #RemainerNow after I questioned the ‘facts’ being peddled by the Leave campaign. Here is how I figured out it was all BS...

Let’s call a coup a coup.

3 min read
Getting rid of Parliament in order to rule without the elected representatives of the people – that has a name. It is a coup.

A Remain Parliament after Brexit could retrospectively rule UK had not left the EU.

4 min read
All of last week’s discussions around Westminster were about the formation of an emergency Government by anti-No-Deal MPs and who could lead such a Government. However, the most significant bit is what comes next...

The Brexit aporia.

9 min read
Another excellent analysis by Professor Chris Grey on Brexit, including fantasies of the Tory Leadership contest, the illegitimacy of a no-deal Brexit especially under a new PM, Brexit as an insoluble culture war, and what if it was the EU wanting to renegotiate?

I’m fighting for the right to change my mind. Not against Democracy.

4 min read
Democracy. This word seems to be the Brexiters’ weapon of choice at this point in the whole Brexit saga. It is everywhere you look. News, radio, TV. Even on leaflets posted through your door.
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