Women in Politics

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Women aren’t always superstar leaders... as Ursula von der Leyen illustrates.

4 min read
A great leader could be a woman but all women are not great leaders.

Who is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s pick for vice president?

6 min read
Harris is the first woman of colour on a major party presidential ticket. She also brings a wealth of experience to the campaign, and could help energise non-voters to support the Democrats.

How popular is Senator Kamala Harris with the Democrats?

2 min read
Kamala Harris has proven consistently popular among Democratic voters and was their first choice for the vice presidential candidacy long before Biden’s announcement.

Before Kamala Harris became Biden’s running mate, Shirley Chisholm and other Black women aimed for the White House.

5 min read
Many African American women have run for president of the US, despite the enormous barriers facing both Black and female candidates. Biden’s pick puts a Black woman much closer to the Oval Office.

Are voters prejudiced against ethnic minority candidates?

4 min read
We asked participants to choose between white and ethnic minority candidates — the results were telling.

Are Europe’s new leaders up to the job? Brussels appointment process raises serious legitimacy questions.

4 min read
It’s not just that the new top team only represents western states. Several of them seem rather unprepared to lead the union.
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