Workers Rights

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Coronavirus — Why thinking “They should work anyway!” is wrong.

4 min read
Americans, keep your eyes and ears open to learn about the type of system that values people getting back to work and to restart the economy while holding no regard for anyone who might die from the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Why the UK needs a basic income for all workers.

5 min read
We believe a basic income should be a right, but it should be underpinned by a principle of reciprocity – people must contribute to society in return.

How the main parties compare on immigration.

5 min read
Here is what the main parties propose to do about immigration in Britain.

I wouldn’t fight for it if I didn’t believe it is achievable.

3 min read
An inspired Tom Moriarty on the choice in the General Election between voting for a regressive society where people are exploited and economically oppressed, and a decent, less abusive, happier and healthier future.

Why a Tory Brexit endangers the rights of workers.

4 min read
The UK has benefited from EU labour protections, which will be vulnerable to the Conservative party’s deregulation agenda.

Human rights are getting cut from Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal negotiations.

4 min read
The UK has signed 15 trade agreements, covering 46 countries. Most fail to cover human rights issues.

Open Letter to Laura Smith MP — Do not vote for Boris Johnson’s deal.

3 min read
The 2017 Labour manifesto accepted the result, but it also said Labour would put the national interest first.
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