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How much value do you put on your loved ones care?

2 min read
Ignore the factless, xenophobic voices. Immigration is vital for the UK. Millions of lives depend on it.

Coronavirus fears can trigger anti-Chinese prejudice.

4 min read
Asian students were bullied and excluded during the SARS outbreak. Here is how we can get schools to help prevent that happening again.

Xenophobia has become ‘acceptable’ in the UK since Brexit. — Do we just accept this now?

3 min read
Tanya Loretta Dee had the courage a few days ago to speak out, name and challenge an unacceptable hateful behaviour she experienced in her bus in London. Boris Johnson’s own words and behaviour encourage this sort of incident.

English in England — We should celebrate different languages, not write hate mail about them.

6 min read
The unpleasant ‘Happy Brexit Day’ poster misses the fact that the vast majority of people in the UK recognise the benefits of multilingualism.

Should ‘their’ taxes fund ‘our’ left behind? Critical notes on Global Future’s migration dividend fund.

3 min read
EU citizens are part of society, part of communities, and how our taxes are spent should reflect that, Dr Helen de Cruz writes.

How misinformation spreads online before finding its way in the traditional media.

5 min read
In the run-up to its adoption conference on 10 December, we are likely to see a lot of misinformation about the Global Compact for Migration agreement, both online and in the traditional media.

Cameron was deaf to the voters’ concerns, except for the xenophobic voters’ concerns.

3 min read
Helen De Cruz on the moral damage inflicted by David Cameron on so many — and prior to Theresa May — to respond to the concerns of a xenophobic upper class.
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