Young People

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Five reasons to vote in this election.

5 min read
Every vote counts in one way or another, even if you live in a safe seat – here’s why.

Hundreds of thousands of people could be in the wrong place when it’s time to vote.

4 min read
Many people move house every year – and few of them inform the electoral register.

Nearly 1.5 million young people have registered to vote for election 2019 – and more could join them.

5 min read
The deadline to register to vote in the 2019 election is November 26. It is easy and important.

When it comes to social media, might the Tories beat Labour at their own game?

5 min read
It looks as if the Conservative Party has learned from the way Labour targeted the youth vote in 2017.

Network Vote: A new campaign for new voters.

3 min read
A new voting campaign has launched to help marginalised and new voters to the polling stations, and to get out the vote on December 12.
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